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Loginaut is not available for the general public at this time. We are looking for interested parties to enter our beta-testing program. If you are interested, contact us for more information. 
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Instead of relying on remembering user name and password combination and typing it at every time you are trying to log into a web site, Loginaut introduces a middle-man, a mobile application running on your mobile phone that  pairs  with the web page using a QR code. The Loginaut application than issues the digital certificate that is used to verify any subsequent login to the web site. Since the private key is only stored on the mobile device and each login can be protectedby requiring the fingerprint scan (if supported by mobile phone) Loginaut solution is magnitude order more secure compareduser name and password, that might be either guessed or intercepted. Once the identity is verified for a specific web session,  the login state is propagated to the web page. It all happens inside the browser, so Loginaut works for a simple web pages, as no integration with backend application is required. All you need to do is to implement a couple of simple JavaScript callbacks.  Loginaut is both very secure and extremely easy to use. Welcome to the space age of Web authentication !  
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Aren’t you tired of remembering / typing login ID’s and passwords again and again ?
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How it works ?
Loginaut is answer to all of these questions
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Authentication is done using dedicated applications for both iOS and Android platforms
Based on certificate stored on your mobile phone
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